Food, Treats, and Chews




When you first bring your puppy home, they should be fed three times per day. You can put down the food and leave it for half an hour or so, then pick it up until the next meal.  You can follow the daily amount recommended on your kibble bag, just remember to divide it into three portions.  Sometimes I add goodies to the food, such as a little chopped meat ior vegetables (note, not all vegetables are safe for dogs, so make sure to check before adding anything).  

Nina Ottosson or othger puzzle toys can be a fun way to give them their meals.  They are puzzle toys that engage their minds and if you have a hesitant eater, can be the added bit of fun to get them to eat.  The puzzle toys are also great to keep them entertained if you hgave to leave them home in an ex-pen for any length of time.  Sometimes I find the puzzle toys on sale at Winners, Amazon also carries a wqide selection as do most pet stores. 



Treats are very useful when training your puppy.  You may come across the terms "low value" and "high value" treats.  Low value treats are less exciting options, such as just a bit of their kibble.  High value treats, on the other hands, are those treats that get your puppy really excited.  You will discover what your puppy considers "high value" over time, but good choices would include little bits of chopped meat, freeze dried liver, cheese, etc.  Remember that your Havanese is very small, so make sure you give very very small portions of treats when training (I will pre-chop most store bought treats as most are too large).  When training, make sure to keep yoiur sessions short.  Two 5 minute training sessions per day can go a long way.




Your puppy will be teething and need things to chew on.  Avoid rawhide, as it is not good for their digestion.  Bully sticks, pig hooves, rope toys, soft squeaky toys, or rawhide-free chews are always popular.    Kongs and other toys you can stuff are great stuffed with frozen yogurt, canned dog food peanut butter, apple sauce, canned pumpkin etc.  You can freeze the kong before giving it to them, the cold can help their little gums feel better as they are teething.  I will also give the puppies peeled brocolli stems, carrots, or apple slices as a healthy alternative to chew on.