How We Raise Our




How we raise our puppies:


We only breed one or two litters a year, and as such they got our full attention.  All of our puppies are raised inside our home, using the Puppy Culture socialization protocol.  The puppies start in their whelping pen next to our bed so we can keep a close eye on them. We do ENS (early neurological stimulation) from day 3-16. Before their eyes are even open, we introduce them to a new scent sand texture every day.  Once their eyes are open, a variety of shapes, sizes and textures are provided for the puppies to explore.  This helps to stimulate their curious, growing minds. We add a variety of walking surfaces to the whelping box from a young age. 


At around 4 weeks of age, the puppies are brought from our bedroom to the main living area in the home. They are exposed to kitchen noises, vacuums, music, tv, children playing etc. We invite family, friends and future puppy owners over to help socialize puppies.


Families who have reserved a puppy are encouraged to come visit once the puppies are old enough. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better, and it gives you a chance to meet the puppies and let us know of any preferences. Puppies are matched to their families based on temperaments and preferences.


From around 6 weeks of age, we begin to bring the puppies outdoors to start the housetraining process. They go to their new homes with a very solid base in housetraining, and instructions on how to continue their success. 


As the puppies grow they continue to follow the Puppy Culture protocol which includes some fun, mentally stimulating games which we video and post. At 7 weeks of age they are temperament tested and at 8 weeks of age they have structural evaluations. Puppies are ready to go to their new homes between 9 and 10 weeks of age.


We post daily pictures and/or videos of the puppies from birth. We feel this helps the prospective families bond with their puppy before they even go home. 


Waiting list:


In order to get on our waiting list, you must be preapproved by filling out our application. There is no charge be put on the waiting list. I want everyone to be happy with their puppy and I do not want anyone to feel obligated if we do not have what you were looking for in the timeframe that works for your family. Once we have a better idea of the timing, we will contact people on the waiting list. 


See Upcoming Litters.


Click here if you would like to fill out a puppy application and be added to our waiting list.


If you have any questions for us, please email