Current Puppies

We are excited to announce the "Bird Litter" has arrived!  They were born April 18th, 2023 and will be ready to go home near the end of June.  There are 4 females and 3 males.  

We have one remaining puppy available from this litter. Puppies are not matched to their homes until temperament and structural evaluations have been done at 8 weeks of age. 

To apply for a puppy from this litter, please fill out the following Puppy Application.


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Bird Litter playing in the kitchen 5 weeks old

Bird Litter photos from 5 weeks of age, the three boys are on the top, the 4 girls on the bottom. 

Below is a video of the Bird Litter at 6 days of age. The ‘twitching’ they are doing is called activated sleep.  This serves the purpose of building their muscles as they sleep, in preparation for when they start to toddle about in a week or so.  

Below is the Bird Litter at 1 day old. 

Bird Litter Parents:



The sire of this litter is CKC Champion Seda’s Young and Free at Sonrisas, aka "Archie."  Archie is a beautiful dog from Cuban bloodlines: his grandmother was imported directly from Cuba. Cuban bloodlines are known for their high intelligence and intuition. Archie is, according to his owner, the most intelligent dog she has ever had. He’s also confident and very happy to meet new people or just hang out with his family.  He has a beautiful build, has passed all his health testing and is a Canadian Champion.


Archie’s OFA health testing

Archie's Pedigree


The dam of this litter is Sonrisas Lunar Eclipse at Alegria NTD NS. Luna is beautifully put together with excellent front and rear angulation.  She has an exceptionally graceful, happy gait and has passed this onto her previous offspring. Luna is also highly intelligent and trainable; she LOVES to please her humans.  She knows when the treats come out that it’s time to train!  We have been working through an agility course with her and it’s one of her favourite things to do. She also is happy to go for a walk in the woods with her humans or just cuddle on the sofa. I love having a dog whose energy levels always match my own no matter what it is I want to do.  

Luna is a wonderful mom and produces beautiful puppies. Her first litter produced two CKC Champions and one “Superdog” who is competing in agility and other sports.  
Luna has passed all of her health testing.

Luna’s OFA health testing

Luna's Pedigree




I think the combination of Luna and Archie will produce beautifuly put together, sound, healthy Havanese puppies with exceptionally intelligent and eager-to-please temperaments.  I am also excited about the unique Cuban genetics Archie will introduce to our breeding program.


This pairing is rated a Category Ten on Betterbred.  A Category Ten breeding means the parents are the most unrelated they can be within the Havanese breed. This reduces the chance of recessive diseases, autoimmunity, and cancer.

The pregnancy has been confirmed via ultrasound and assuming all goes well we will have approximately 7 puppies around April 21, 2023.


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